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I have fond memories of coming across what looked like a delicious tin of biscuits only to open it and find sewing supplies!

i'm sure this has happened to alot of us at some point, or perhaps now we're the ones holding onto useful tin and boxes to house our craft supplies.


Each sewing tin meaures 7.5cm by 4.5cm and is available as either a brooch or a necklace, if you choose to have your tin as a necklace it will come on an 18inch chain as standard. please leave a note on your order if you would like your necklace longer or shorter.

I have one second sewing tin necklace that has a fault in the blue acrylic on the main body, it’s got a slightly lighter patch but other than that it’s perfect. This piece is discounted by £5 and will come on a silver chain by default but can be changed.

Sewing Tin Brooch/Necklace

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