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Our little ceramic pumpkins have been super popular!


so much so that i've put up a preorder option so you can customise your pumpkin.


You can choose your size, colour, and shape!


The pumpkins come in 3 sizes, Small (2cm to 3cm), Medium (4cm to 5cm), Large (6cm - 7cm)

You can also choose from 3 shapes our regular pumpkin shape, a taller more round pumpkin, and squash shapes!


There are loads of colours to choose from!


find some information on the finishes please see below.

Grape- Dark purple with speckles

Pink speckle - Bubblegum pink with blue speckles

Almond blossom - Salmon pink with blue blobs

Harlequin - White with red, yellow, blue, and green blobs

Rainy Day - Matte white with mainly blue and some yellow specks

Vanilla - Cream with orange and black speckles

Glow worm - Bright Chartreuse with black, orange, and green speckles

Autumn leaves - Mottled browns, orange, and yellow (slight crackle finish)

Pumpkin spice - Matte orange with very faint speckles

Midnight - Dark blue with white speckles

Deep sea - Deep teal with green speckles

Old Copper - Matte mint green/blue with very slight speckle

Pistachio - Light Green with dark green speckles

Lilac Dapple - Light purple with black dots

Aurora - a very pale pink with dark blue dots and light blue fades.


Please note that these pumpkins are made to order so they could take 2 - 4 weeks to dispatch!


As with all hand made ceramics there can be variations in the glaze, colour, and finish!


All the stalks will vary in size and shape but all of the stalks will be glazed the same metallic brown/ gold/ greenish colour.

Preorder Pumpkins

Rupture de stock
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