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Please not that this is a preorder piece and may take 4 to 8 weeks to ship!


This piece is very special, it's our first ever hinged piece! When i was deisgning the valentines collection i knew i wanted to make a chocolate box, but i wanted to put a little kimchi twist on it to make it a bit more interesting. So i spend days trialing different version of opening chocolate boxes until i finally decided on hinges!


The chocolate box is made from lovely pale pink pearl acrylic with a hand cast rose acrylic lid, each chocolate inside the box is painstakingly hand painted and assembled. As some of the acrylics used to make this piece are handcast acrylics there will be variations in shade and pattern from piece to piece.


This piece is available as either a brooch (shown) or s necklace, if you choose the necklace option the necklace fittings will be added to the top corners of the piece so the necklace sits square on the neck (sorry for the lack of picture)

Choose from either a gold plated or silver plated chain, our chains are cut to 18inches by default if you would like it longer or shorter please put a note on your order. 


This piece measures 7 x 5cm this piece is extremely limited edition due to the amount of hinges i have in stock.

Chocolate Box Brooch/Necklace

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